Mutt EP

by Patrick Ng

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released December 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Patrick Ng Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Buttons
My buttons turn to gold
I think I’ve found my heart across the sea
I swear to god please say you’re mine
I’ve given in, Estée please take the lead

Sometimes I find it hard to believe
The things we said and did I can’t conceive
My heart has turned to stone
The lives we lead, the lives we touch,
The moments thought to not mean much
I held your hand so tight hit hurt
I’ll carry you on home

I dread the silence that has come to pass
The will to keep on fighting will cease to last
I’m the consequence of war

I’ll straighten up, forget to sleep
Undo these chains that never meet
Unslick my hair and let it grow
I’ll find you on my own
Track Name: Gazelle
How could you speak? The white around your eye flushes red from the heat
Subtly drawn, the choices we make paint the roads in our scars

I am honoured by death

Mother I've seen, the world and its elements, the horizon serene
All thanks to you , I've bent through the lightning to a life overdue

Cut the cord, let me burst

I'm sorry I don't think of you when I sleep
Oh the summer is golden, oh the summer is neat
Turn off the headlights, drive all the way home again

Come and sing me a song and raise me up
Come and teach me to fight while the seasons bloom and bloom
Track Name: Icarus
I found that the frost in my boots
Makes nice with my sole
Pulls scars from my head
Uncarved by the touch of breaths set undone
Though odd in their shape they amplify once.
We made life an entrance so grand
Had no welcome in, with no one to stand
Against the grain grown, just cultured through shock
We are some animals

Cold nights, “officer please, I need to get home so that I can feed-
Nothing, no family, just undeserved wealth
“I think I’ve seen enough.”
You, your life, your god damn life
I think there are rifts corroding your sight
You’ll stand to starve, to see once again that
We’re fucking animals

When Icarus fell I wept alone
Entertained my silence so black
It came, it saw, it conquered me
It’s birth by singularity

Now days seem a little less sane
A little more warped, a little less sharp
But content, that I am, content that I have
To spoil my mind again

I saw god, burn my wings with glaring light
That’s fine, it’s nothing more than karma left for those who try at all
Track Name: Rosalie
Motioning our hands towards a softened velvet sky
Diamond rings, they hold our stare as if justified
Til riches burn bridges
And thieves leave in stitches
Oh God, these days are numb

Rosalie, I can see
Find my place, across the sea
Today repent, though our speech strays
Won’t be the same now Rosalie

Let’s walk until our bones break, in moments we feel satisfied
From seeds grown from wisdom
Two castles will with stand the storm
God these days are fucked