Across the Great Divide

by Patrick Ng

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Definitely put more work into this one than the last one. I've added drum tracks to some of the songs and used my distortion on some tracks as well. Enjoy!


released May 30, 2012




all rights reserved


Patrick Ng Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Semi Conductible
You crawled in bed, while I stepped outside
The morning breeze won’t clear the sin we made that day
I know it’s hard when you’ve been victimized
So I’ll keep the road clear for you always

We’re semi conductible

Now I fell asleep to songs I didn’t know
The buzzer breaks the warmth of every single note
We left as boys, but came back as men
And now the gates of hell are left open

We’re semi conductible
We’re not that conductible
Track Name: Across the Great Divide
I’ll reach the age of forty at my own pace
My lovely wife and I will wrinkle with grace
And so my children will finally come home to find me smiling across a sea of unclean bed sheets alone

Who did I wrong to find myself face to face with my own god?
The light sears with pain but I’m not blind yet!
I’m shouting on out!

Across the great divide, some people say that love is blind
But I won’t regress
Across the great divide, some people say my hearts a wreck
But what’d you expect?

I work three jobs and none of them pay the rent
I hope his tuition was money well spent
I lived a life full of many regrets but for him it was worth it when he stood tall again
Track Name: Black Summer
I know it’s hard to breathe this way, the ash in my lungs accumulates
Goddamn, goddamn girl! You got me so
Hot damn, hot damn girl! I’ll let you know
That if you leave me for that guy I am sure you’ll know the truth
He’s such a waste, he’s such a waste
It’s true

I know, he is the whisper on your lips
I know, he is the swing that sways your hips
He took my gun and now he wears it just for fun
So why not shoot me?
Just fucking shoot me.
I’m such a dog.

Three days since I had left my house, the air is stale and stinks of what?
SWEET DESPERATION! I think that’s what
My mind is pieces, you know what’s up
And now I’m tired of all my days spent on trying to love you
I’m such a waste
I’m such a waste
We’re through

I know, he is the whisper on your lips
I know, he is the swing that sways your hips
I know, I should’ve kissed you one last time
This pain I hold, is not the same as your hand in mine

And now I’ve lost my soul, my body weighs a ton
So why not hold me?
Just fucking hold me
Before my day is done

Boy I still love you, please don’t give up on me. You are lovely by my side, I want all my friends to see!

Bitch you’re killing me today. I don’t care how humble you are, think of all my broken yesterdays.

Please don’t leave me on my own!

I’m sorry that it had to turn this way, consider this my final serenade.
Track Name: Andrew's Song
I know you, are afraid, afraid of me
You’re lovely breath upon my neck won’t ever leave
The time has passed, the past has changed, I’ll die alone
These hearts that speak, they shout in leagues while oceans moan

I’m a lot like you, another lyric heaven sent
I couldn’t say, these words will sear my throat until
I’ve found my end to summer days

Tell me your fears, why did they show clear when you’re already blind?
I’m sick for days, in so many ways, I’m making love to the sky
You are my apple of incentive, you are the storm beneath my wings

And now the time , the time has come, to break our vows
The hours spent on dressing cool, I’m still not loud

It’s another day, I feel them slowly passing by
Until it’s done, I’d like to think that you and I
Would rather spend our nights in bed
Track Name: 1945
Looking around and knew it couldn’t be done
Now when I try and react to you
I try to catch your drift, but girl I’m wrong
I haven’t been left and that’s the truth

So we’ll stop in time
And I’ll find rewind
And we’ll fall in love

The sun will fall into the earth
And the waves will touch the sky
We’ll be back, yeah back in 1945
I fell in love at 45
And now the girl I used to know sunk deep into my throat

Kicking it off with my rock star band
Well now I think my heart’s in flight
But living blind without a cause to an end
I think I have to , I just might

I’ll hit the grind
And fall in line
And shave my head

Back in 1945, my atoms split by cosmic tides
And now the girl I used to love sunk deep into my bones.
Track Name: Run Artemis Run!
I never was taller that you , keep it in my heart the flames that do sear
You never were bigger than me, bigger than anything I could’ve been

I’m so far away forever
I’m singing these songs forever
A win is a win no matter the price

We’re going surfing today
We’ll be undressing our lives our own way
I never knew you were blinded by death!
You are my sweet, sweet girl
Holding in dreams, breaking the seams of my head

Crawl through my veins, breaking the chains, revving my heart til I learn how to fly
Fly away bird, bird you are me, I am you bird, we are doors of one side

I am a fool to trust me
Am I a fool to trust me?
A sin is a sin no matter the cost
Track Name: ~~~
Marianne, come on home and do another dance for me

And so we push past the stars and fight our own waves.
And we have in our hearts all the same passing days.
It’s a rough, stormy tide for the fools and their pride
And we set sail for love and a girl we will die for

It’s the goldfish bowl in the sky, where good fish go it’s your paradise
All I ask is you remember me, as you close your eyes and count to three
Track Name: Brutal Jack
I don’t know if I’m hurt, or just plain ignorant
But I remember what that wise man had once told me
I’d die a pharaoh’s death

Oh you’re far too kind, far too kind! I couldn’t be so flattered
As if all this loose change in this world could’ve even mattered
Well it don’t matter now because I’m sleeping well
In my 22 karat grave.

Well now I know what it’s like to be a fool
And have the world at 17
The rivers run with gold and money made of sand
I couldn’t say I was lost
I wouldn’t say I was lost

I was so good when you couldn’t be bad
So well refined where all the other boys lacked
A connoisseur with excellent tastes
I was the sin slipping down your hips
Track Name: Chrysanthemum (raw)
Mama are you coming home to put me to sleep?
Mama would you hold me close and scold me?
I don’t care and I don’t mind the trust we had lost
I had broken mine, not yours. I’m senseless.

I hear the shouts of our enemies
Yet I hear my own shout with theirs

I’m a ghost! A simple apparition
Tearing through my mind’s eye
I’m the edge of a formless being slipping out of sight

Remember when we used to dance and sing about life?
Now all I sing is songs of apathy.
Gave a toast to every gal and received no applause
But that don’t matter , you were there. I’m senseless.

I hear the shouts of our enemies
Yet I don’t hear my shout with theirs anymore

I’m a man, shaking hands with the devil. Struggling through these days.
I am you, just a wandering spirit making sense of this life.